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Release Form for Camp and Lessons





                                                           Equine Professional Release 




Know all men by this presents, that who resides at:________________________________________________  


(hereinafter after referred to as "Participant") desires to engage and does hereby engage the services of Shanon Bejarano and Fairwin Farm LLC and their assignees (hereinafter referred to as "Equine Professional") located at 5737 Churchhill Downs Road, Sarasota, Florida 342341 , to instruct the Participant in horseback riding lessons, horse care, and all related equine activities. 


In and for consideration of the above services, Participant hereby does forever and finally release, remise, acquit, satisfy and forever discharge Equine Professional of and from all manner of action and actions, cause and causes of actions, suit, debts, dues, sums of money, bonds, billings, contracts, controversies, agreements, claims and demands whatsoever, in law or in equity, which may arise or might in the future arise of herein after for or against Equine Professional for the services as stated above. 

This document is meant to be a full and complete release from any and all liability that may arise from instructing the Participant on how to properly ride, manage, and care for horses. This release is given freely and voluntarily by the Participant and is meant to remain in existence throughout the duration of any instruction. 




Under Florida law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to in or the death of a Participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities. 


Date Signed: ___________________________________


Participant: _____________________________________


Legal Guardian: _________________________________


Phone #: ________________________________________


Equine Professional: _____________________________

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